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Partnering with UK Businesses to Export to the USA

With over 20 years experience in physically supplying retailers across the UK, Europe and the USA (not learnt in a book or at college) actively bringing UK and USA small and medium businesses into new retail markets.

Free Advice

We want to see UK CPG companies in US Retail stores. We’ve been there and done it. From business establishment, banking, distribution, sales channels and presenting product to retailers.

Market Research

Where does your product sit in the market and who are the best Retail customers for your brand? Who is the competition and what do their products sell for?

Low Cost

We appreciate Small UK companies can’t afford dedicated offices,staff and US accountants but would like to look at the US market.

US Market

There are over 330 million people living in the USA (similar to Europe). Florida alone (where we are based) has 22 million potential customers.


Is your brand / patent protected in the USA? We offer a basic trademark and copyright search for Free. We also partner with US lawyers that do nothing but patents, trademarks and copyright.

Hand design the identity branding business trademark

We are driven by results

Over $10M in retail sales since starting in 2019

Featured Partners

Transatlantic Retail UK to USA Retail Sales Harrow and Green UK
British American Chamber of Commerce

“How do you get a product in front of a retail buyer?”

“Isn’t it impossible to sell in the USA without being sued?”

“What’s the potential market and who are my target retailers?”

Let’s partner to expand your exports to the USA